Metatron Animal Knowledge Level II

Metatron Animal Knowledge Level II

In the Level II class you will learn about the significance of additional Chakras, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy and Crystals, and the important role they can play in animal healing sessions.  Additional content regarding Sacred Geometry and the Elements is included along with information on how the modalities meld in order to help you, the practitioner, enhance animal healing sessions.  Various types of animal healing sessions are also discussed including general animal healing, how animals cope with grief in losing their companion animal(s) or their human, and end of life sessions for animals.

The Metatron Animal Knowledge Level I class is a prerequisite for the Level II class.

The introductory Metatron Animal Knowledge Level II Class* includes the Level II Manual, two meditations, and seven one time only weekly Zoom gatherings.  The Zoom gatherings will be recorded if you are not able to attend the live sessions.

*Please note: The self-paced Level II online class will be available for purchase at diceyshealing.com subsequent to this introductory offer.  It will include the Level II Manual, two meditations and additional teaching videos.

*Sprays purchased separately and directly from Angelic Celestial Colours.