Metatron Colour Healing™ Level 2


Registration closes November 9th

This two day class is suitable for those looking to deepen their relationship with Archangel Metatron. It prepares you to do healings on others so you may be inservice. Level 1 must be completed.

This class includes:

  • Review of Sacred Geometry
  • Explaining Metatron Healing to Clients
  • Who are my Clients? / Making a Vision Board
  • Where to Work From
  • Metatron & Working With Other Energies
  • The Extended Chakra System
    • Concentrating on working with Earth Star, Altar Major, Higher Heart, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway Chakras
  • Templates given of how to carry out Metatron Colour healing include:
    • Cord Cutting
    • Past Life Healing
    • Ancestral Healing
    • Chakra Balancing/Light Body Activation
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Colour/Sound Bath Healing
    • Editing Scripts Healing
    • Elemental Healing
    • Distance Healing
    • Overview of Properties of Individual Colours (NB this is introductory level only)

Sprays required for this class: (these are needed for the healing work and for you to carry out case study work)

  • Rose Inner Child spray (Inner Child Healing) (PINK ENERGY)
  • Crimson Base Chakra spray (Ancestral Healing) (RED ENERGY)
  • Earth Elemental Spray (BROWN ENERGY)
  • Air Elemental Spray (BLUE ENERGY)
  • Fire Elemental Spray (ORANGE ENERGY)
  • Water Elemental Spray (TURQUOiSE ENERGY)
  • Cosmos Elemental Spray (VIOLET ENERGY)
  • Emerald Green – Renewal & Recovery Spray (GREEN ENERGY)
  • Fear Fighter ( YELLOW ENERGY)
  • Rainbow Bridge Spray (Across the veil work – numerous healing templates)
  • All 50 mls

Sprays may be purchased at Angelic Celestial Colours

*Price doesn’t include colour sprays