Animal Communication

While animals do not have “voice” to talk with each has his/her own way of communicating their thoughts and feelings to the world. Quite often an animal’s owner will have an “idea” of what the animal is trying to relay, but is not confident with the thought.

  • Animal communication allows the owner to ask questions and hear the animal’s response. It also gives the animal a chance to “talk”.
  • Sessions can be done in person or through long distance.
  • Sessions can also be done with the animals who have passed on. Often these sessions can answer many questions and bring a sense of peace to the family left behind.

I am always happy to work with certified rescues, and offer fundraising opportunities for such groups. Please contact me to discuss these opportunities.

Metatron Animal Healing Sessions

Animals of all shapes and sizes can benefit from energy sessions just like their humans can, and are generally very open to receiving the energy. In a Metatron Animal Healing Session, Kirsten works with the intuitive guidance of Archangel Metatron while incorporating the use of crystals, color aura sprays, essential oils, and music to allow the highest vibration for the benefit of the animal. This combination allows all levels – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual – of the animal to receive the benefits. These sessions can be done in person or through long distance, and either choice is effective.

Wellness Pet Sessions

Essential oils can provide the same support and soothing properties to animals as they do to people. Each animal is different in his/her needs, but with a plan in place essential oils can be a safe and effective natural alternative to incorporate into the daily life of the animal.

*No charge for the Wellness Sessions